Supporting children from remote or rural families

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Len Taplin Childrens Services - LDC

Port Hedland, WA 6721
Len Taplin Children's Services – LDC support families in remote and rural communities by providing early childhood learning services to those who would otherwise be unable to access such services. It gives the opportunity for parents, many of whom work long hours in the mining industry to provide a safe learning environment for their children whilst they are at work. Our unique philosophy states children are unique and valued citizens with rights and responsibilities. Children are capable of initiating their own learning by building on each other's strengths, facilitated by educators as co-learners. Care and education are interwoven and founded on relationships, strengthened by families and educators, sharing responsibility and collaborating with global community. The diversity of all people is appreciated, respected and acknowledged for the capacity to add value. The environment is the 'third teacher' encouraging exploration and imagination, reflecting the natural world.


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