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Foxdale Kindergarten - Ingleburn

Ingleburn, NSW 2565
At Foxdale Kindergarten each child is seen as a special individual and his or her developmental needs will be central to the centre programme planning. Children will be given experience and necessary guidance to develop skills, accumulate knowledge, and adopt attitudes and values to equip them for their day to day encounters for the future. Therefore, management believes in qualified staff, with ongoing training, to keep them up to date with new early childhood caring techniques. A variety of experiences and a stimulating environment are offered to each child. Staff take into account each child’s particular levels and pattern of development, his or her ways of learning, previous experiences, and particular family and community backgrounds. Children benefit greatly from regular exposure to a happy, positive and stimulating atmosphere. We strongly believe that children learn through play, interests and experimentation when supported by encouragement, praise and recognition.


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