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Eloise Beale

Highgate, WA 6003
If you need an occasional babysitter/nanny, who better to employ than a primary school teacher-in-training?

I understand selecting a nanny is a big decision. I don’t have children yet, but the idea of leaving my three gorgeous nephews with somebody is very daunting, so I understand you will have lots of concerns.
So with that in mind, rather than trying to guess the information you want to hear, I will give you a brief overview of ‘who I am’ and then you can tell me what further info you'd like to know. It’s essential you feel comfortable leaving your child(ren) in my care, so if I can help address those concerns by all means let me know.

Here’s a little introduction, which I hope goes someway in demonstrating that I don't have two heads:
My name is Eloise (that’s ‘Ellie’ to the little ones), I am 30, British, have a background in law and have lived in Perth since my fiancé’s employer relocated us here 2+ years ago.
I am currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma to become a Primary School Teacher - therefore I have all the necessary ‘working-with-children’ clearances. I have always enjoyed working with children and have a solid background in doing so. So, if references are important to you, I will happily source them. I also currently work as a nanny to several other families in Perth (ages ranging from 5 months through to 12 years old), but I do have the availability to work on a casual basis or full-time during school holidays.
I have my own car, so transport won't be an issue.
Above all, I am caring, respectful and kind.

If you would like to meet me or want to have an initial chat to get to know me a bit more, please feel free to get in contact.

All the best
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