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How Jungle Juniors Works
(After you join and set up your profile)
5 Reasons You should Sign Up Now :
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    Team With Us:Jungle Juniors brand gives you credibility.

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    Super Support: We will set up your profile for you, and help you get new clients.

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    Meet Great New Customers:Customers come to us and tell us what they need.

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    Custom Profile: We match the requests with you only if you’re a good fit.

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    No Hidden Fees, Ever. You’ll pay only when you send quotes to customers, NOT to view requests or do a job.

BONUS : By Signing up now, we’ll give you a $20 credit to use toward making your first few quotes. That’s right, a $20 bonus, just for signing up for a service that will generate new business for you as long as you want! How’s that for a “win/win” situation?

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